Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Growth of Search Engine Optimization SEO, Search Engine Marketing SEM and Link Building services in Delhi creates many career opportunities for beginners as well as experts in online marketing.
A new study reports that search engines are the first step in comparison shopping research for most consumers. Searchers are also starting to realize that search engines can be used for more than just navigation. A Nielsen/NetRatings poll shows that Internet users are beginning to turn to search engines to fill their online shopping needs.
For 67 percent of these researchers, search engines are the tool of choice, with 40 percent heading to a Google or a Yahoo! first to find the product or website they're looking for.
Trends in Search Engine Optimization SEO SEM Services in Delhi
In Delhi, the trends for seo and sem services are purely based on the ethical white hat seo practices, the focus is slowly shifting from doorway pages creation to building content rich websites that is targeted to the right audience. The awareness of 'Content is King' is growing steadily and many companies are now hiring seo content writers on part time or full time basis to keep up with the seo race. Now, seo is no longer a domain of online marketing professionals but an integral approach to the overall business development plan of any business - whether its a freelancer, independent consultant, small business or a corporate. The rush to make it on top 10 google rankings through ethical search engine optimization is the key to the growth of any business.
Trends in Link Building Strategies Services in Delhi
Link building is the process of creating inbound links to own website through building reciprocal links, getting listed in e-zines, newsletters, directories, search engines, and so on. It is a specialised art of promoting your website worldwide.
The legitimate strategies of link building is to focus on your niche market, identify key potential websites that are complimentary to your website, send a link request and when necessary, make a call or send fax to show them that you are serious about having link exchanges.
Beaware of link farms, and other 1000's of useless sites that jeopardice your website's publicity.
Trends in Online Publicity / Public Relations Services in Delhi
Internet has opened up many doors for websites marketing and promotions at an affordable cost no matter how small your business is. With the development of online blogs, groups, community portals in Delhi - the social media has become one of the greatest word of mouth marketing tool for small and medium businesses. Now, even giant corporates and media companies are relying on the advancement of blogging websites and bloggers expertise.
Trends in Google Adwords / Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Services in Delhi
PPC (Pay-per-click) giants such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Engine Marketing and MSN AdCenter are becoming the huge potential for instant website promotions and marketing in Delhi. Many companies from small to enterprise level businesses in Delhi are taking advantage of the flexibility and marketing vechicel of Google Adwords ppc compaigns
While some website marketing companies charge for google adwords campaign management fee based on a fixed monthly charges and others charge a percentage on a total campaign cost.
Trends in Google Adsense Services in Delhi
Google Adsense is the sure way to make money from your website. The trend now is to build 100's of themed websites such as travel and tourism, real estate, insurance and banking, pharma and health care and directories to promote it online and earn revenue.

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